Sanctions, Sanctions?! Whatever you say Neville Chamberlain.

To be clear, I, as a Pynk Elephant, am 100% apolitical. Politics has always been a circus to me, having different actors as the show remains the same. But it does not stop me from having an opinion on the matter. Hearing the ‘president’ speak earlier in the day proves how weak the United States head of state truly is. Sanctions? Sanctions? Why not go a step further and pull a Neville Chamberlain as he did with Hitler? sign a non-aggression deal? (The infamous Munich Agreement in 1938.) Of course, then, and now, Hitler laughed after signing the document and went forward in his conquest, starting WWII. I do have no doubts that Putin must have chuckled at these sanctions. Not only do these sanctions deter the growth of the ruble (currency of Russia) but make Putin confident in the tactical movements he has conducted over the past few years: moving the majority of his country’s debt, assets away from American Markets into China (CCP).

These sanctions from the United States will only give Putin more confidence in his decision, perhaps embolden him to take the remaining 11 states that were once under USSR before its collapse in the early 1990s. If I have learned anything about Russian politics, their form of diplomatic maneuvers is how they view heads of state. Russian leaders judge a head of state by their word and character. In the legendary meetings of The Four Policemen, Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Koba (Joseph Stalin), Koba noticed strength, confidence, and action that oscillated his communist regime in not only siding with the west but, entrusting them as well in peace-keeping efforts after WWII. After the destruction of Nazi Germans & Hitler, Stalin worked alongside the west until he died in 1953. (He still, until his death, undermine the west through China.)

These same principles of word & character of a man are what Nikita Khrushchev tested in the young President John F. Kennedy in the infamous Vienna Summit. Testing not only JFK’s mental strength through ideology but also, the strength of the United States through his statesman. Finding JFK weak, unprepared, Khrushchev pushed the boundaries throughout Europe, taking over East Germany and building up a wall to separate it from West Germany, the famous Berlin wall. And let us not forget the great crisis of the Cuban missile of 1962, where JFK showed his intelligence, confidence, and oratory skills as a master poker player, calling the bluff of the overly confident dictator of the USSR.

What is my point? Most Geopolitics is based on trust. The proper wording in securing a nation from one head of state to another. If the character of the head of state does not match their words, then diplomacy becomes futile, leading to misunderstandings that become errors. This of course -as history has demonstrated- leads to habitual provocation until the waters become cold, the night illuminated by missiles and bullets thanks to the action of an operation known as war.

The Biden Administration is weak, and nothing this senile man conducts has proven on the world stage, this administration has credibility or respect from American allies. (Do not forget their debacle in Afghanistan.) His character as a statesman fails to instill fear into enemies of the western nations, and in my opinion, I do not doubt the CCP will aim to take over Taiwan in due time.

May the creator be merciful to the country of Ukraine. May he also have mercy on the other states Putin has his ambitions towards, and may you, pynk elephants, open your eyes to this failed administration in their promises, actions, and destruction of our country’s sovereignty. Thanks to this head of state we, unfortunately, call a president.

Thynk Pynk!