Intro to TPynk Blog

The Pynk Elephant

Welcome to The Pynk Elephant Blog. Here you will find the mynd of an autodidact (a self-taught person) in pursuit of discovering worlds through words; perhaps you will partake in this journey. I hope to pop the elephant of your conformity, by renewing a desire to have a dialogue apart from the mundane “how are you” into serious food-for-thought topics ranging from fantasy to philosophy.

I am a Pynk Elephant, I possess a Pynk Mynd and perhaps the more time you spend reading my words, you will discover that maybe you, are a Pynk Elephant too!

Let us revive the art of communication, let’s connect in the real world from the comfort of our online world and travel through the words of writers, let us

Thynk Pynk!