Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.

THYNK PYNK! Three Pynks = TPynk

Come oh ye faithful who luve bacon, who cannot fathom without such delicious delicacy given to us by the gods above or those below- perhaps I can persuade you to think of Bacon as you do about a commodity you’re familiar with, to salivate and lead many to appreciate this Bacon, whom I, for so many years have come to enjoy.

Perhaps you come to notice this blog is about Bacon, but not the delicious bacon you may have in mynd.

I was no older than 16 when I began to search more into Thomas Jefferson and fell in luve with his passion for reading, learning and his mismanaged fortune to invest in his library no matter the cost. With such pain, he had to sell off books to pay off debts at one point, as a lover of books I can now understand such sentiment. 

Like or dislike the man, the fascination of one of Americas founding Fathers for me, is not because he mustered to provide the first thirteen colonies which would later become the United States and to the world the most beautiful document known to man, or his travels to Paris, or even his gifted mind – 

no, to me and what can benefit you is how this man categorized his library into three classifications. 

Thomas Jefferson had a liking to the greatest Bacon to ever exist, this Bacon provided the world the scientific method, the power of knowledge, and most importantly, the power of thought put into practice. 

This man was Lord Francis Bacon

Philosopher, statesman but most importantly, scientists to the core was birthed in the mid 16th century. He had a theory that knowledge can be broken down into three categories which man should pursue in learning:

Memory, Reason and Imagination.

History (Memory), Philosophy (Reason), and Poesy (Imagination) would Thomas Jefferson later go on to call it. 

  • History (memory) has been for society an opportunity to look back in time and learn from the mistakes & successes of others. Autobiographies, biographies, history books, etc., leads us to learn and understand how and why the state of affairs of mankind are as is.  
  • Philosophy (reason) is the essence that gives our soul the peace of mind to know – not feel- but know there is more to life than just the horizontal success of man- religions of course fall under this category.
  • Poesy (imagination), which the majority of people enjoy over the other two. For it is through literature we discover the fictional worlds made in the imagination of authors. It’s through the fictional world we learn to feel the emotions of historical times. Through poesy one can read the truth hidden in plain sight because by nature man hates the truth; rather we prefer to be romanced into seeing it.

Lord Francis Bacon has been someone I seek to hold my candle of curiosity to, for under these three categories -memory (history), reason(philosophy), and imagination(poesy)- it is how I have categorized my library of learning. I believe in the depth of my heart, a Pynk Elephant has to have a balance of all three to be a well-rounded person, for to give only to one field of study, you will become a zealot (convicted blind fanatic) who speaks out of conviction based on emotions rather than thought and logic.  

Now, this is how I consider the framework of a Pynk Mynd

  1. Light Pynk is for Poesy. All literature is a great escape from the turmoils of reality. It gives us the chance to feel the emotions of times through verses or pros, what characters, worlds created by authors who desire for us to learn even perhaps put certain things into practice in the real world.
  2. Dark Pynk is for History. Although it may be dark at times and even scary to learn, it does give us a sober reality that evil does exist, but goodness cloaked in greatness always conquers all. From the study of great men/women of the past, you can position yourself to emulate them, and perhaps even if you do not reach their level of success or fame, you will become better than you were yesterday. The tail of the pynk elephant is dark pynk for the reason being, to many, you will come out like a jackass for knowing nothing is new under the sun, therefore you avoid agreeing with everything the herd of elephants is marching towards; the creek of common knowledge.
  3. Hot Pynk for Philosophy. This of course leads all to the fountain of truth, may it be religion, a branch of magic, or the study of stars. Whatever you hold to be the truth, your soul must always be objective and not impose on others your ‘truth.’ Hence why the heart remains white. 

To be objective is one of the hardest things any human being can do, for we are emotional creatures by default. But a Pynk Elephant, who possesses a pynk mynd, can listen to arguments, learn from the point of view of others, and respectfully agree or disagree. 

Not all arguments are meant to be won but are meant to develop and lead us to growth. The study of how we know what we know can lead anyone into a rabbit hole, especially if you are in bed with religion. Therefore, it is in my opinion, why I avoid topics of religion and politics after I raise the proper questions before carrying a conversation with anyone (trust me, you learn to avoid headaches).

These three colors combine give you The Pynk Elephant, and this pynk elephant (me) could not possess a pynk mynd if it wasn’t for Lord Francis Bacon’s organizational system (memory, reason, imagination).

If you possess a pynk mynd, consider yourself a pynk elephant, then I suggest never fill your beautiful mynd with just one of these categories but balancing your mynd with all three. 

Thynk Pynk!