Let There Be… IDEAs: The Power of Imagination (Part I)

As a Pynk Elephant, it has always fascinated me when I speak to individuals.  May it be matters of life, excitements, passions, or even political thoughts, spiritual beliefs. Never to debate -unless it leads there- I genuinely enjoy seeing the eyes of individuals glister with passion as they speak about what moves them, what motivates them, what inspires them.

We are all created differently. No one thynks the same. It may be due to nurture or nature, but, in my opinion, our journeys will eventually lead us to Rome one day and the encounters we have come across before our destination, those encounters, knowledge, memories have built our way of thought.

As I age as fine wine, I have learned from the greats of the past, wise men & women who remain in the land of the living, to speak less, listen more. As a famous Rockstar once said, “Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.” It’s this reason, the friendships I am fortunate to have intact by a miracle -me being heavily opinionated, is due to a bond of respect. I have enjoyed the soul-of-the individual and the idea(s) they possess.

Now, the question I raise to you reader: Are we just ideas wanting to be heard?

From the dawn of man, we humans have been sprouts of excitement. Breeding ideas through interactions with others who thought differently. Creating tools to advance villages, eventually birthing cities, states, and even invigorating the birth of religions. But questions arise: from where did these ideas come? Do all human beings possess creativity within them? What about destructive ideas, those that birthed destructions, genocides, total wars, leaving historians or modern-day philosophers aghast. Should we consider these ideas also a vehicle in advancing mankind?

My father told me as a young man, the more one creates memories, the happier adulthood will be when one looks back and relives those tales. I have learned many moons ago also, the more one reads, the bag of language, its vernacular increases. Therefore, the modern tongue can be exciting as a plethora of words can be selected in describing emotions, thoughts, or empirical observations. My point: My father taught me one strong trait I hold to, as a steward of knowledge, the cliche, “knowledge is power” truly has merit. It increases the potency of imagination.

In religion, I recall a preacher often would say, “God can only use you as much as you let Him.” Comical but with a hint of truth. The power of mysticism, or religion -either be Judaism, Christendom, or Islam- the teacher is only good as much as the individual knows their religious book. So, it is with imagination. One is only creative if their bag of memories is wealthy to retell. You must read books outside of your comfort zone or challenge yourself in topics others fear. By doing so, one can rethynk, recreate “worlds” one wishes to birth into our present world. Through this sprout of creativity, it is my belief where imagination births the ‘big bang’ known as, IDEA.

IDEAs are to me the gift of gods to us mortals. But who are these gods? The Christ, when accused of blasphemy by rabbis of his time for stating he was the SON OF GOD, he retorted by quoting from the book of Psalms, ‘Does it not say, ‘ye are gods?” To be a god does not mean you possess some mystical power as these comical preachers which call themselves ‘apostles’ or ‘prophets’ as they make a quick buck off the sheep.

No. To be a god according to the spiritual, mystical, or even philosophies of the enlightenment era of the late 18th-19th century, it’s to create!

these creative ideas make an individual a god. It was why the birth of the renaissance was such a bang in the 15th century until the last Medici polished a gold coin as a patron.

Do you possess ideas? Do you believe your ideas can advance or setback mankind? Does the idea you follow (ideology as it’s known) bring man into submission or liberty? Do you have it in you to develop an idea from the world of imagination?

If the latter question is no, then, as a PYNK Elephant, I suggest you get to living. Make mistakes, jump, fall on many opportunities, but never surrender. Never give up! Make progress in the small matters of your daily life. Believe me, when I say, it will lead you eventually to achieve great accomplishments.

Live lives through the stories written by great individuals via books. Hear the tales of older men, women and appreciate their history spoken through oratory. Only then will you be able to say with confidence your bag of imagination can burst a gift, an idea, helping to elevate you and others into a world waiting to be created by a god or goddess. A Pynk Elephant 🙂