The Pynk Mynd.

The Pynk Mynd The beauty of chaos is, once put in order it comes out Pynk-

The moment a child begins to think, their mind is being molded by the stereotypes of the environment they are nurtured through. The first potters of our mind, parental unit(s) with delicacy & in their best interest, will do their best to provide us the knowledge, the education they believe is good for our upbringing. Doing their best to instill into us the principles, the ideals of what a ‘good’ citizen must be in society.

Then, under the uniform of religion, those who preach about their respective faith, instruct us as children once more what stereotypes to heighten our mind of moral and righteous thinking to become part of functional society.

These stereotypes become the cornerstone which develop the prejudices the child will fall back upon when his/her worldviews begin to form. 

As we mature, enters the years of formal education, our mind is now under the guidance of professors. They begin to mold our minds how to think, feel and even talk; They instill into us the proper sentiments of what a healthy, rational and able worker in society must be. Like our parents, we as children trust with naïve hearts those of religious affiliation, scholars with titles and ‘experts’ of respective fields, because we too hold to stereotypes which as our parental unit(s) accepted as truth and perhaps dared not to question.

These new stereotypes give more fuel to the prejudices we as children learned as ‘truths,’ guiding us to see these new teachings as a beacon of normalcy; and if we enter into the field of higher learning (after K-12), many will be challenged to readjust those stereotypes and embrace a ‘higher’  way of thinking.

 but the model hasn’t changed, the individual again as he/she once was a child, is being molded to think, feel, and talk as a proud scholar of superior thought with better equipped and better-developed stereotypes. 

Eventually, the individual becomes a ‘functioning’ adult, or as I consider 

‘an elephant among the herd,’

guided by the matriarch Sophia, who for the past two millenniums shaped the minds and ways of society to be conformist, to live sedated; & live the rest of their lives without ever thinking for themselves. 

But what happens when you become an independent individual, able to think on your own?

Well, one thing I learned from the concept I coined, ‘an elephant among the herd,’ we assimilate to events which fit our model stereotypes, by embracing people of similar beliefs, intellectual thinking, enjoying the leisures of entertainment and granted, even escape into worlds of fantasies (nothing wrong with such feat). We may walk our whole life never seeing the worldview from the perspective of another person, afraid to question our maxims or even our axioms, to not feel the pain of an enemy or worst, to live for the rest of our lives in the comfort of our build-up four walls based on our subjective prejudices.

I am no nihilist, nor do I suggest or sponsor anarchism, but what I propose to you, you who are reading my words is to challenge your way of thynking.

How you may ask? 

Since I was a child, I was enamored with a potent drug few people enjoy and even fear. For it may lead those of naïve hearts into a world of darkness or into an age of enlightenment. 

This drug -in my opinion-

makes the movers and shakers of the world, those who tilt the world even if it is by one percent: 

this drug is called Curiosity.

Recalling the time I stood at the center of the Sistine chapel alongside my beloved, looking up and admiring the architecture, the many frescoes painted by Michelangelo all through the chapel, one stood out to me the most. In the middle of the chapel, the figure of the brain was at the center, in this wonderful figure, sat God reaching to touch mans’ finger. 

It is in my humble opinion to believe the curious mind led Michelangelo to paint such magnificent frescoes all through the chapel but at the center, the mind.

Since the foundation of the world, the curious mind has led man forever to create ideas to advance humanity into the next frontier. But curiosity is not taught, it is an innate gift in all of us. To awaken it, you must step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to rethink the stereotypes you hold dear in your heart. 

Reshaping these stereotypes will lead you to question your prejudices as well. 

See, I have learned society will do everything in their power to shut curiosity from your mind or worst, kill it off completely. Are we not trained since childhood how to think, talk, walk and feel? Are we not told what we must learn, worship, and pray to? Are we not also informed of what is right and wrong by our educational professors (social contracts)? And is it not so the same when you partake in a profession or trade, learning the skill and politics of life, that when you begin to thynk for yourself, you are scorned, flog or worst, seen indifferent by the herd of elephants under the matriarch of common knowledge? 

If you have read this far, this means you my casual reader and soon- to-be friend are part of the symbol of change, what I call 

The Pynk Elephant.

A Pynk Elephant is one who is reviving the art of communication; a lost art among us and the younger generation because social media has sedated our mynds with images and quick fixes of dopamines. 

A Pynk Elephant has a curious mind or as I like to put it: 

A Pynk Mynd. 

The beauty of chaos is, once put in order it comes out Pynk-
The beauty of chaos is, once put in order it comes out Pynk-

He/she is one who is opening the channel of imagination and curiosity by first popping the elephant of his/her worldview. 

To be a pynk elephant, one is not afraid to learn, speak with confidence, or has desires to know the Y’s of life, even questions the status quo. These pynk elephants are those who do not conform to ‘facts’ provide by ‘authorities’ without first researching the matter. 

As a nonconformist, we challenge and reshape our way of thynking by challenging our ideals, our religious beliefs and even, questioning the normalcy of life. These stereotypes which have shaped our way of thinking & living begin to unshackle, this of course will either break the mundane mind or worst, drive it into lunacy. 

But the beauty of what a Pynk Elephant understands, what he/she knew since they first posit the first question against the status quo the moment they began to thynk for themselves is this: 

A curious mind does not kill the cat, it makes them wiser even if they lose one of their lives. 

Therefore I raise the question to you: are you willing to go on an adventure alongside me and be a Pynk Elephant, embrace the real matriarch Sophia who embraces the pynk mynd or, do you desire to remain to be an elephant among the herd, living under the fictional matriarch Sophia who for the past two millenniums shaped the minds and ways of society to be conformist, to live sedated; & live the rest of their lives without ever thinking for themselves?

The choice my dear reader, is yours-

Thynk Pynk!