New Year, New Me: Cliché or True Madness Towards Change?

Another Christmas, another year has passed us. Looking back in the year, perhaps many will comprehend most of society is still processing 2020. Yet, few who have continued to live their lives with the modern modifications, adjusting to follow a narrative without causing friction with friends, family, or colleagues, in a way, are enthralled that they in one way or another have sealed their conscience by embracing a fictional reality. Maddening, I know! But to the few, the Pynk Elephants like I, we understand how to pop such atrocities!

But what about those who have awoken to the everyday slumber of mundane routines? Becoming aware as they awake from their sleep; begins to follow an everyday pattern. They head into the rat race of life, to later come home. Eat their tv dinner, intake the material of ‘joy’ from their streaming service from the tube for a few hours, until they are in bed. Eventually asking themselves the obvious, mortal, dreadful questions behind their four lonely walls: “Is this all life meant to be? awake, eat, defecate, work, sleep, repeat, until death visits me?”

Many -personal opinion of mine- are like Alice in Wonderland. They have come into an encounter with a white rabbit once in their life. Some, having chased after this white rabbit, has led them down some wild and crazy rabbit holes, and for the first time, woke up from the fictional reality they’ve been molded to believe as they walk towards their tombs without ever asking questions.

Others have seen the white rabbit, but fear of moving from their comfort zone, going on an adventure, or perhaps, the biggest reason majority remain in the same place (mentally, physically, spiritually), is the fear of change. The questions which will arise, challenging their fictional reality, become too great of a risk to embrace.

Hence why the cliché often said without purpose or meaning, “New Year, New Me,” tends to be mocked. People start the new year with a bang! They often quit vices, join health clubs, pick up new hobbies, begin to eat healthier, develop or cultivate new friendships. But in due time, this tinder flame, this spirited desire to carry on, begins to flicker, and as the white rabbit takes them into new rabbit holes, the sudden urge to follow takes a halt. The wind of change has turned off the tinder flame of these individuals’ candlelight.

Alas, these individuals go back to the formality of their everyday life. “Humbug,” they say quietly, as others’ tinder flame becomes a torch. Those who seek more to life, sticking to their goal(s), realizing their words, their spirit being bound by the phrase, “New Year, New Me,” will seem like a lunatic-of-an individual to normies. Why? No one appreciates change. No one likes to see others changing for the best as they (the fearful blokes) remain in the same place, doing the same idiocyies.

This year, I hope to encourage many to take risks, make goals, and stick to them until the end. May you learn about investing, pick up a new habit, new hobby, read a book, or read outside your comfort zone. Make new friends, meet someone, fall in luve, watch foreign movies, learn to appreciate others’ point-of-view of the world. Study other religions, pick up the phone, call an old friend, an old relative, your siblings, or even your parental units. Learn a new language, learn the art of seduction, Kama Sutra, practice yoga, etc., but above all, change for the best!

May this year, when you do say, “New Year, New Me,” you mean it.

And may you begin to question everything, stand for something, be unique, be a PYNK ELEPHANT, and follow the white rabbit down rabbit holes!

Thynk Pynk!