“Ich Bin Ein Berliner.”

The situation in Ukraine is unfortunate, yet it’s a pretext for a much-needed war. War economics since the capitalism origins has been the way to keep the capitalistic model working smoothly for nations that trade with one another. It was only when financiers discovered the power of central banks (the first being the Bank of England in the early 17th century) and in the US, The Federal Reserve in 1913, The Great War, or known as WWI (1914-1918) was the much needed white horse for the awful recession caused by the market crash of 1907!

Wars, yes, is the fastest profitable way a nation can make insane capital for themselves, prudent investors, etc. President Eisenhower (“Republican” but a Democrat at heart) cautioned against letting the military complex become too ‘powerful.’ JFK, who inherited the silent war of Vietnam from his predecessor, decided if re-elected, he would end the Vietnam war no later than 1965 and was close to ending the cold war as well. But Peace is not profitable, it never is, and may be why JFK was taken out of circulation.

The United States (many people do not know this) is a republic, not a democratic nation. The constitution is the balance to keep the gov’t from obtaining too much power over its people, or the gov’t overreaching its ‘limited’ powers. But people these days rarely read let alone desire to learn from the past. It is therefore easy for those in power to rewrite, change narratives thanks to the opioid of the masses: Mainstream Media, now too, social media.

The people believe when the majority rules, it is clear it is the way to go. Democracy is flawed, it will always be and unless the people become aware of the truth of our Republic, the power of our Constitution, then the course toward wars will continue. The electors will continue to put empty suits as Commander-in-Chief, cabin, senators, governors, and a plethora of politicians who are in the pockets of Oligarchs to pass mandates, laws to their benefit. While the people continue to ‘vote’ for these individuals MSM portrays them to be ‘noble.’

I call upon all citizens of the world, those pynk elephants who are not asleep, those pynk elephants who are being awakened by the saturated fear-induced narratives upon the masses to stay alert. To remain vigilant and echo the rhetoric of JFK, when speaking against fear, communism, and the looming threat of war due to East Germany’s occupation by then, the USSR,

“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

Thynk Pynk!