TPynk Elephant:

To Pynk or not to Pynk, does anyone even thynk?

I have viewed society in an anthropomorphic way,
I like to think of them as elephants,
All as a collective moving as one herd towards a creek. 
But sometimes in a generation,
A Pynk Elephant is birthed who reshapes and disrupts the herd.

This Pynk Elephant dosed with an innate gift of curiosity,
or what I call,

 A Pynk Mynd’

Begins to question his/her respective herd,
The status quo, the elephant race of life, and even ideas; 
Eventually, this Pynk Elephant discovers 
there is nothing new under the sun.

In childhood, I was a late bloomer to reading,
Professors in my early grammar school days called me stupid, 
Peers sure made my childhood one to remember but it was
incidentally, my father marked me forever by stating:
“Stupid follows the herd and never questions why.”
Although a man whose native tongue was Spanish, 
I can still recall the times my father 
after a long day of work would come home, 
pull up a chair and sit down with me, 
teaching me how to read my childhood favorite book, 
Frog and Toad are friends.

It was after I managed to read this simple book, 
my father gifted me a book that forever altered the course of my thinking:
The Answer Bookby Mary Elting.
This book led me to discover answers to questions I had 
as a child, it also led me to have some of the most beautiful dialogues 
with my father about other topics of life. 
Those conversations are forever cherished in my heart,
for they imbued in me the power of Curiosity. 

Enough dose of curiosity fueled my pynk mynd 
into teaching myself the power of words, 
the connection of sentences, paragraphs, and even books;
eventually leading me into a life-long journey of learning.
I am self-educated, a lover of books and ideas,
Many have called me a polymath but in my humble opinion,
I like to believe I genuinely possess a pynk mynd-

To me, knowledge alone has been an incentive 
to learn from those who have gone before me,
Providing the able thinker and doer access to wealth if he/she 
desires to understand inks on a paper (or as here, digital ink) 
are mightier than the sword! 

I aim is to motivate the many elephants who will read these blogs
To see if in them exist a Pynk Elephant-

you may ask why Pynk and not blue, red, or yellow elephant?
For as long as I can recall, the color pynk has been a fascinating color,
pleasing to my eyes
and elephants have always had a soft spot in my heart.

these two sentimental appreciations combined give a symbolic meaning of being a pynk elephant.
A Pynk Elephant is not afraid to learn new topics or converse about controversial ones.

Drunk off of curiosity, 
The Pynk Elephant is rational enough to pop the elephant in the room,
A nonconformist, questioning the herd which marches towards the creek 
of common knowledge-
& possibly persuade others to 

Thynk Pynk!

if you look deep within yourself, 
you perhaps are a pynk elephant too.
How so you may ask? 
You are reviving the art of communication apart from the small talk;
To rethink why you follow a herd of common opinion
when you can question the norm & thynk.
My goal is to challenge your way of thinking and perhaps 
help your pynk mynd learn some history, philosophy, and poesy along the way.
For an elephant to grow, better yet,
To move away from the anthropomorphic sentiment,
For a human mind to develop, we need to bounce ideas off of one another, 
Learn from one another and even challenge one another.
And to do such a feat, one needs to possess a pynk mynd.
I hope I can challenge you who reads my words
To feel moved to research a matter or learn something new-

To pynk or not to pynk is not the question-
The goal is to genuinely
 Thynk Pynk!