Bitcoin is FU Money – Introduction

The confidence of an individual -in my opinion- is not being afraid to learn what they do not know. Ask questions that others will find ridiculous, stupid, and even dumb-witted. Napoleon Bonaparte -the greatest General turn Emperor of France, had this beautiful gift. He would ask the most basic questions in front of superiors and layman soldiers. Why? Because genuine leaders understand success is knowing you do not know everything, boosting the morale of those below rank that they too, can relate to their leader.

The error I see today with people my age or those above is they assume to know a subject matter better than the author themselves. They trust the little knowledge they have obtained from a course in grammar school, one book once read, or from a university of higher learning, they went to. Yet, they never challenge the axiom they take to be absolute, basing their gnosis on hope. Religious fanatics are a prime example of this. They will spend their entire time learning the principles of their faith after living a ludicrous lifestyle and begin to impose their newfound faith, upon the younger generation or anyone who lends them their ears. Humbug, I say.

But the truth is, a new wave of change is coming, and this wave is already upon us. This new way is how human society will be conducting affairs politically, socially, and economically. The future is crypto. If you fail to understand this, you are setting yourself for failure. Why? Because the world has been for the past decade-plus now -more rampantly these past three years if we are honest- transitioning into the virtual world. The rise of Bitcoin as the hedge against inflation, the blockchain, moving to democratize finance, and the future of the internet, Web3, giving the user control of their data, will forever change how society interacts and trades as in the days of husbandry economics.

In the coming weeks, my blog post will be on crypto, blockchain, and touching web3. The purpose is to illuminate many pynk elephants who do read my blogs, to wise up in the technology they have in the palm of their hand. We all are equally intelligent human beings when we come out of a women’s womb (Yes, I am no biologist, but I am sure we all come out of a woman), but we differ in mental strength as we grow by what we consume mentally. If I can provide anything to the reader, is the knowledge I have obtained through years of reading, learning, and listening to greater mynds than mine.

The first blog will be on Bitcoin. I want to assist many individuals like I once was, uncertain of what was this virtual currency of the future. Why do governments, the World Bank, IMF, and naysayers despise crypto. And to understand why the president of El Salvador Said in a tweet, bitcoin is “FU Money.” I am no financial advisor, but I am a self-taught economist. I have challenged my views, my knowledge with a respected economist, a man I call a friend, and who once was my professor. He taught me to learn and luve this science, to understand what moves men, women to obtain a profession and eventually use their capital to purchase a fetish they alone enjoy.

The fetish I will speak about in the next blog will be Bitcoin.

Thynk Pynk!